Mór Jókai - Péter Horváth

The Dream of the Young Chinese Emperor

After his father’s death, fifteen-year-old Chia Ching becomes the Emperor of China. Chinese tradition has it that before his coronation he has to take a wife. In his dream, the young emperor sees a beautiful girl and decides that he will marry no one but her. The girl named Liu-Liu, the Princess of Leaotung – […]

Based on the books of Erika Bartos, script written by Orsolya Nagy

Berry and Dolly

Berry and Dolly are the children’s best friend.


What’s the News?

Blank paper or newspaper is good to draw on, to color and to paint. In old times people used to write letters, poems and entire novels on paper. In theatre, paper may be transformed into just about anything you like. Paper inspires play, and it brings your imagination to life.

Guus Kuijer

The Book of Everything

Thomas’ neighbor of is an old witch who scares everyone to death. Tropical fish swim in the sewer system, and there is a crowd of frogs banging on the front door… At least this is how 9-year-old Thomas sees it…

Margit Auer

School of Magical Animals

How would it feel if you had an animal of your own? Someone who can understand you, who never leaves you alone, and who you can talk to… In the play reality mingles with the children’s imagination. Adults cannot hear the magical animals talk; for the outsiders they are only stuffed toys. But for children these unexpectedly appearing creatures are real helpers who ease their troubles at school…

Jill Tomlinson

The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark

– Hupp, you must not be afraid in the dark. Owls do not do that.
– But I do.
– Owls are night birds.
– I do not want to be a night bird. I want to be a daytime animal.
– You are what you are.
– Yes, I know. I am the one who is afraid in the dark…
The story of the little screech-owl makes us understand how fear can be overcome by curiosity, love and knowledge…

Veronika Marék

Kippkopp’s Children

“Our house is strong, our cellar full,” says Kippkopp to Tipptopp, “But our arms are empty. What we miss are… children!” – sighs Tipptopp. Veronika Marék’s popular chestnut stories continue. This time the family gets bigger with five little chestnut children.

Selma Lagerlöf

The Legend of the Christmas Rose

A wonderful poetic tale about the power of faith, miracles and divine providence; with muggers, monks, and children. On the coldest day, right next to the mugger’s wood-residence, the forest wakes up for a day, the flowers start to blossom every Christmas night.

Angéla Kolozsi

Emília and the Angel

Do you have a guardian angel? Ten-year-old Emília does have one! What’s more, she has quite an extraordinary angel: he is elderly, grouchy, clumsy, and he adores punch cake. His superiors almost demote him to be a common angel. Together with his perky cherub, Ottokár, he totally upsets the life of Emília’s family – with the best of intentions. Is it only a tale of wonder…? Keep your eyes wild open: maybe it is real – and you, too, have a guardian angel!

Václav Čtvrtek - Zoltán Bodnár

Fern and Moss

Everybody knows that fern and moss live in the forest. Adults might remember the protagonists of the once popular tv show. Today, children who come to Kolibri Fészek can discover the forest where the two naughty forest elves, Fern and Moss live. The play recounts their merry adventures.

Veronika Marék

Kippkopp and Tipptopp

Accompany us on a magical-musical adventure with Veronika Marék’s chestnut figures.

Axel Hacke

The Bear Called Sunday

Alex has a teddy bear called Sunday. Checked ears, soft paws, he keeps staring gently with his button eyes – even if he sits on a toy train, or when he listens to a fairy tale, or even when his head is get compressed into tomato sauce. But what does the bear think about while he is hanging on the clothes line in the bathroom? Does it hurt if he is manhandled, is he glad to be hugged? Is there anything behind those brightly shining button eyes? Alex is very keen to find all these answers out…

Music and play based on the poems of Sándor Weöres


Bóbita lost her poem and would like to get back to her home. If you are going to be a clever butterfly, a mushroom and a small fish, you can help her to find her way.

Ágnes Nemes Nagy - János Novák

Auntie Pepper

Who does not know Auntie Pepper? Generation after generation, show after show, children have come to Kolibri Theatre to celebrate Auntie Pepper’s 80th birthday. With Lackó, Titilla, Watermiller and Emcee, we prepare gifts for her in the lobby, on the stage and in the auditorium. While singing ”All that’s good in this world!”, we all feel that on this anniversary, we are able to perform miracles!

Tor Age Bringsvaerd - Péter Horváth - János Novák

Ruffen, the Small Sea Monster

Ruffen, the little sea monster believes himself to be a cowardly, naughty child. In truth, however, he is brave, strong and kind-hearted. He overcomes his fear from water; he helps the octopus in pyjamas; and he even learns to swim! Then, he saves a ship in a huge storm; chases off pirates; and falls in love with a Japanese dragon girl who wears glasses and braces. Finally, by the shores of Landia, he reunites with his parents whom he thought he had lost forever.

Pál Békés

The Mellow Submarine

Hogy mit keresnek a verebek a víz alatt? VII. Moszat királyt, a zöldalgák urát, aki tönkreteszi, fojtogatja a vizek lakóit. Na, és hogyan merülnek a mélybe a verebek? Hát spárga-tengeralattjárón! A gyerekek pedig velük tartanak. Mert a mesés, zenés darab nézői egyben a játék résztvevői; rajtuk múlik, sikerül-e megszabadítani a vízi világot a moszatok rémuralmától.

Barbro Lindgren

Algot Storm (Wormhenry)

If Emil Kovász steps on a worm during his night walk, that definetly can cause a problem. Especially if the worm starts a conversation. Emil brings the worm home, gives him a name and clothes, even teaches him to play piano. That is how a friendship begins…

Lewis Carroll

Alice in Wonderland

The red-eyed Rabbit is late, the Mouse goes for a swim in the Lake of Tears, the Caterpillar is smoking a loooong pipe, the Cheshire Cat is grinning, the Baby grunts like a pig, the Turtle is crying, the Lobster is dancing… Yet, the Queen of Hearts wants to behead them all! The dream world created by Lewis Carroll springs to life through Andrea Závory’s magnificent performance with lots of playing and lots of music.

Zoltán Kodály – Zsolt Harsányi – Béla Paulini

Let’s Play John Háry!

Let us play along with opera singers and puppet artists! You can join in and sing together with the singers on stage, while John Háry recruits his army against Napoleon from the bravest members of the audience: Here we go! Zoltán Kodály’s immortal opera is realized with your participation! Duration: 110 minutes, one interval

Paul Gallico – Péter Horváth

Jennie, or I Was a Cat in London

Peter is a lonely boy. He wants a pet cat dearly, but he is not allowed to keep one at home. Jenny is a street feline. She hates humans. Peter and Jennie meet amidst magical circumstances. Their true friendship helps them to understand each other and themselves better.

Oscar Wilde - Tibor Zalán

The Happy Prince

“…and so, the Lord’s angels took the two most important things from Earth to the Heavens above: the dead body of the little Swallow, and the broken lead heart. Although the Happy Prince left the column for good, a small child had recovered, a playwright had written his play, and the little match girl had not gone home empty handed. It is almost as if it were Christmas.”

Jo Nesbø-Péter Kárpáti

Doctor Proctor, or the Attack of the Moon Chameleons

Jo Nesbø is better known by adults for his brilliant Scandinavian crime stories. Children know him as the author of the popular doctor Proktor novels. In Nesbø’s children books he talks about friendship, steadfastness, courage, self-esteem, woven into fun and adventures that are almost impossible.

Sándor Petőfi

Sir John

Sándor Petőfi’s wonderful poem tells the tale in which you can become the protagonist. Come and fly with us to Fairy Land to find what you have been looking for!