L. Frank Baum - Péter Horváth - György Selmeczi

The Wizard of Oz

Since the publication of L. Frank Baum’s original novel in 1900, the tale of Oz has fascinated many generations for over 120 years. The bright green Emerald City is the place where the wonderful Wizard of Oz resides and reigns. His shiny palace is filled with a multitude of treasures he has collected of human […]

Rosemarie Eichinger

Do the Dead Eat Stawberry Cakes?

It is a uniquely beautiful play about a girl whom everybody at school sees as a little weird, and a boy who just lost his twin brother. A tale, which tells about death, but even more importantly, about life – about what we can win by our losses. In showing us a way out of […]

Dóra Gimesi

Emma’s Silence

The play tells the touching story of a seven-year-old girl who is different from other children: she is particularly sensitive to noises, and she is scared to speak in front of others. She finds it much easier to communicate with sea animals than with people. At the marine biology research center where her parents work, […]

András Dániel

A Heap of Grickles

They’re not grubs, and they’re not pickles. They’re not beans, and they’re not pebbles. They are colorful like a lollipop, but you cannot eat them. They bounce like a rubber ball, but they are not balls. They’re Grickles! The seven Grickles live in the Abandoned Field, far from the noise of the world in their […]

József Keresztesi

Crusty, or the Big Pudding Chase

The daughter of King Kaiserschmarm, the sweet Chocolate Minion is kidnapped by the evil Blood Pudding. The valiant cookie-hussars who are to rescue the princess all shy away, when Crusty, the little croissant appears before the king and takes on the mission. During his adventurous journey he meets the Monster Cookies, the French Toast, the […]

Tor Age Bringsvaerd-Péter Horváth-János Novák

Ruffen and the Dragon Girl

Do you remember Ruffen, the little sea monster, who despite his fear of water, learned to swim and performed valiant deeds to find his long-lost parents? Well, Ruffen grew up and he is about to get married. His beloved one is the Japanese dragon girl, whom he had befriended as a kid. However, none of […]



How wonderful it is to create and to receive sounds! Every living thing produces a sound – singing, squeaking, laughing, stomping, rustling. Now it is our turn to make music together!  The play is built up of sounds, colors and images. The SoundBird and the Storyteller invites us on a magical journey. The interactivity of […]

Based on the books of Erika Bartos, script written by Orsolya Nagy

Berry and Dolly

Berry and Dolly are the children’s best friend.

Margit Auer

School of Magical Animals

How would it feel if you had an animal of your own? Someone who can understand you, who never leaves you alone, and who you can talk to… In the play reality mingles with the children’s imagination. Adults cannot hear the magical animals talk; for the outsiders they are only stuffed toys. But for children these unexpectedly appearing creatures are real helpers who ease their troubles at school…

Jill Tomlinson

The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark

– Hupp, you must not be afraid in the dark. Owls do not do that.
– But I do.
– Owls are night birds.
– I do not want to be a night bird. I want to be a daytime animal.
– You are what you are.
– Yes, I know. I am the one who is afraid in the dark…
The story of the little screech-owl makes us understand how fear can be overcome by curiosity, love and knowledge…

Veronika Marék

Kippkopp’s Children

“Our house is strong, our cellar full,” says Kippkopp to Tipptopp, “But our arms are empty. What we miss are… children!” – sighs Tipptopp. Veronika Marék’s popular chestnut stories continue. This time the family gets bigger with five little chestnut children.

Selma Lagerlöf

The Legend of the Christmas Rose

A wonderful poetic tale about the power of faith, miracles and divine providence; with muggers, monks, and children. On the coldest day, right next to the mugger’s wood-residence, the forest wakes up for a day, the flowers start to blossom every Christmas night.

Veronika Marék

Kippkopp and Tipptopp

Accompany us on a magical-musical adventure with Veronika Marék’s chestnut figures.

Axel Hacke

The Bear Called Sunday

Alex has a teddy bear called Sunday. Checked ears, soft paws, he keeps staring gently with his button eyes – even if he sits on a toy train, or when he listens to a fairy tale, or even when his head is get compressed into tomato sauce. But what does the bear think about while he is hanging on the clothes line in the bathroom? Does it hurt if he is manhandled, is he glad to be hugged? Is there anything behind those brightly shining button eyes? Alex is very keen to find all these answers out…

Ágnes Nemes Nagy - János Novák

Auntie Pepper

Who does not know Auntie Pepper? Generation after generation, show after show, children have come to Kolibri Theatre to celebrate Auntie Pepper’s 80th birthday. With Lackó, Titilla, Watermiller and Emcee, we prepare gifts for her in the lobby, on the stage and in the auditorium. While singing ”All that’s good in this world!”, we all feel that on this anniversary, we are able to perform miracles!

Pál Békés

The Mellow Submarine

Hogy mit keresnek a verebek a víz alatt? VII. Moszat királyt, a zöldalgák urát, aki tönkreteszi, fojtogatja a vizek lakóit. Na, és hogyan merülnek a mélybe a verebek? Hát spárga-tengeralattjárón! A gyerekek pedig velük tartanak. Mert a mesés, zenés darab nézői egyben a játék résztvevői; rajtuk múlik, sikerül-e megszabadítani a vízi világot a moszatok rémuralmától.

Zoltán Kodály – Zsolt Harsányi – Béla Paulini

Let’s Play John Háry!

Let us play along with opera singers and puppeteers! You can join in and sing together with the artists on stage, while John Háry, the valiant hussar recruits his army against Napoleon from the bravest members of the audience…As we accompany the protagonist in his incredible adventures, Zoltán Kodály’s immortal opera comes to life on […]

Paul Gallico – Péter Horváth

Jennie, or I Was a Cat in London

Peter is a lonely boy. He wants a pet cat dearly, but he is not allowed to keep one at home. Jenny is a street feline. She hates humans. Peter and Jennie meet amidst magical circumstances. Their true friendship helps them to understand each other and themselves better.

Oscar Wilde - Tibor Zalán

The Happy Prince

“…and so, the Lord’s angels took the two most important things from Earth to the Heavens above: the dead body of the little Swallow, and the broken lead heart. Although the Happy Prince left the column for good, a small child had recovered, a playwright had written his play, and the little match girl had not gone home empty handed. It is almost as if it were Christmas.”

Sándor Petőfi

Sir John

Sándor Petőfi’s wonderful poem tells the tale in which you can become the protagonist. Come and fly with us to Fairy Land to find what you have been looking for!