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József Keresztesi

Crusty, or the big pudding chase

The daughter of King Kaiserschmarm, the sweet Chocolate Minion is kidnapped by the evil Blood Pudding. The valiant cookie-hussars who are to rescue the princess all shy away, when Crusty, the little croissant appears before the king and takes on the mission. During his adventurous journey he meets the Monster Cookies, the French Toast, the Cotton Candy, the Walnut Cake and the brave Marzipan Mouse. The characters evoke the names, the shapes and the taste of different kinds of food, and their story is told in catchy rhymes. In 2018, the book received the Children’s Book of the Year award from the jury of the HUBBY – Hungarian Children’s Book Forum. The tale, which is full of humorous situations and lovable figures, can be played over and over again by children at homes during meals.

Duration: 60 minutes

Performed by:  Dániel Fehér, Virág Sallai/Rita Alexics

Dramaturge: Péter Horváth

Designer: Enikő Bodnár

Music: Zita Mária Balog, Gábor Borosi

Directed by: Andrea Székely