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Veronika Marék

Kippkopp’s Children

The story of Kippkopp and Tipptopp, the popular chestnut couple created by well-known Hungarian children’s book author and illustrator Veronika Marék  continues. “Our house is strong and our cellar full,” says Kippkopp to his wife, “But our arms are empty. What we miss are… children!” – sighs Tipptopp. In this joyful tale of starting a family, the life of the protagonists is completed with five naughty chestnut children.

Created within the framework of Small Size Big Citizens European project.

Duration: 45 minutes


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Performed by:
Rita Alexics
Zoltán Bodnár 
Kármen Rácz 
Kriszta Rácz 

Written by: Veronika Marék
Designer: Zsófia Opra-Szabó
Music: János Novák
Musician: Gábor Kecskeméti 
Assitant of the production: Csilla Horváth
Directed by: Bea Tisza