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András Dániel

A heap of grickles

They’re not grubs, and they’re not pickles. They’re not beans, and they’re not pebbles. They are colorful like a lollipop, but you cannot eat them. They bounce like a rubber ball, but they are not balls. They’re Grickles! The seven Grickles live in the Abandoned Field, far from the noise of the world in their comfortable holes. Their favourite activity is to lie in the sun and do nothing – but something strange always happens to them! The highly popular, uniquely humorous stories written by the Children’s Book Author of the Year award holder András Dániel have been staged for the first time in Hungary by the artists of Kolibri Theatre.

Duration: 60 minutes

Performed by: Gergő Bárdi, Dániel Fehér. Krisztina Nyirkó, Szabolcs Ruszina, József Tóth

Dramaturge: Orsolya Nagy

Scenery and puppets: Márk Horváth

Music: Lóránt Csorba

Directed by: Marcella Andrusko