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Tor Age Bringsvaerd-Péter Horváth-János Novák

Ruffen and the dragon girl

Do you remember Ruffen, the little sea monster, who despite his fear of water, learned to swim and performed valiant deeds to find his long-lost parents? Well, Ruffen grew up and he is about to get married. His beloved one is the Japanese dragon girl, whom he had befriended as a kid. However, none of their wedding plans. “Fire and water don’t mix!” But Ruffen doesn’t give up, he fights for his love through thick and thin. The new episode of the Ruffen series is also a jubilee performance: the little sea monster’s story began exactly 30 years ago, at the time Kolibri Theatre was established. For the last three decades, spectators of all ages have been following his adventures with unflagging love and interest.

Duration: 110 minutes, one interval

Performed by: Krisztina Nyirkó, Dániel Nizsai, Ági Török, Károly Szívós, Gábor Krausz, Szabolcs Ruszina, Tamás Bósz, István Mult, Kármen Rácz, Kriszta Rácz, Bárdi Gergő m.v., Rita Alexics, László Gazdag, Éva Farkas, Márton István Balogh

Translated by: Katalin Kozák

Dramaturge: Péter Horváth

Scenery and costume designer: Klaudia Orosz

Choreographer: János Lakatos

Music: János Novák

Musical leader: Gábor Kecskeméti

Director of chorus: Lilian Jászebrényi

Directed by: János Novák