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Ágnes Nemes Nagy - János Novák

Auntie Pepper

Premiered in 1994, the legendary performance of Auntie Pepper with the Kossuth and Jászai Mari Prize-winning Piroska Molnár playing the title role has attracted generation after generation of audiences into the Kolibri Theatre. Children, along with their parents and grandparents have gathered to celebrate the 80th birthday of Auntie Pepper, the immortal fairy-tale character created by world-renowned Hungarian poet Ágnes Nemes Nagy.  Together with her friends, Lackó, Titilla, Watermiller and Emcee, the audience prepares gifts for Auntie Pepper in the lobby, on the stage and in the auditorium. As part of the interactive play, children also learn and perform a special birthday song for her, so that on this memorable anniversary we feel that together we can work miracles!

Duration: 100 minutes

Performed by

Auntie Pepper: Ildikó Hámori
Titilla, the loyal cat: Szabolcs Ruszina 
Lackó: Melinda Megyes 
Vízimolnár, Jeromos: István Mult 
Game lord: Dániel Fehér/János Novák
and the students of KIMI-Kolibri
Balázs Bágyi, Szilveszter Bornai, Károly Friedrich, András Kaboldy, Tamás Tóth

Written by: Ágnes Nemes Nagy
Designer: Ágnes Gyarmati
Directed by: Novák János