3 to 6

Veronika Marék

Kippkopp and Tipptopp

The play invites children to follow the magical-musical adventures of the two popular chestnut figures of well-known Hungarian children’s book author and illustrator Veronika Marék. Together with Kippkopp, the audience can explore life among the inhabitants of the woods and lands, and encourage him to find the companion he is looking for. Tipptopp, the chestnut girl arrives on a helicopter made out of leaves, to accompany Kippkopp through many adventures in this enchanting forest tale.

Duration: 40 minutes

Performed by:
Rita Alexics
Zoltán Bodnár 

Written by: Veronika Marék 
Designer: Zsófia Opra-Szabó 
Music: János Novák
Assistant of the production: Csilla Horváth
Directed by: Bea Tisza