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Sándor Petőfi

Sir John

Who would you like to be the most? Johnny Grain o’ Corn or Iluska? A French princess or a hussar? Would you want to travel the lands by horse, or to fly through the skies on the back of a griffin? Or you would prefer to cross the seas in the palm of a giant?

The play is like a shop window in which the objects come to life: scarves turn into witches, ribbons into deep forests and rivers; reality turns into fiction, and fiction turns into reality.

Sándor Petőfi’s wonderful poem tells the tale in which you can become the protagonist. Come and fly with us to Fairy Land to find what you have been looking for!

Duration: 120 minutes, one break

Performed by:
Johnny Grain o’ Corn, Sir John: Tamás Mészáros 
Iluska: Kata  Nagy 
Stepmother: Bea Tisza 
Master, Giant: László Gazdag 
Father of Iluska apja, Rouge, Helmesmen: Szabolcs Ruszina 
Mother of Iluska anyja, French Princess, Menyecske: Melinda Megyes 
Nap, Hold, Kutyafejű tatárok fejedelme: Éva Farkas
Potter, Fisherman: Szabolcs Ruszina 
Narrators: Éva Farkas, Melinda Megyes, Szabolcs Ruszina,  Ágnes Török 
Leader of the hussars, griff: Károly Szívós 
French King, Giant: István Mult 
Son of the Turkish pasha, Giant: Gyula Kormos 

Contributors on instruments:
Mihály Sipos – vioin, zither, gardon
Gábor  Kecskeméti – flute
Szilveszter Bornai – percussion instrument

A kísérőzenében részletek hangzanak el Liszt Ferenc szimfonikus költeményeiből.

Written by: Sándor Petőfi
Dramaturge: Péter Horváth 
Scenere, costume, puppets: Klaudia Orosz
Puppeteer: Károly Szívós
Choreographer: Bea Tisza
Assistant of the production: Andrea Hajsz
Directed by: János Novák