7 to 10

Dóra Gimesi

Emma’s silence

The play tells the touching story of a seven-year-old girl who is different from other children: she is particularly sensitive to noises, and she is scared to speak in front of others. She finds it much easier to communicate with sea animals than with people. At the marine biology research center where her parents work, she makes friends with an injured shark, a narwhal, a manatee, a ray and an octopus. Emma imagines the world as a huge aquarium and herself as a tiny, invisible sea cucumber lying at the bottom – until the day when an utterly weakened small orca is taken to the animal hospital, and Emma is the only one who can communicate with him…Besides tackling the exigent questions of climate change and environmental protection, the play talks about friendship, courage and individual responsibility – in a fascinating and thrilling tale appropriate for young schoolchildren.

Duration: 80 minutes, one interval

Performed by: Rita Alexics, Zoltán Bodnár, Juli Erdei, Dániel Fehér, Melinda Megyes, István Mult, Dániel Nizsai, Kármen Rácz, Károly Szívós, Bea Tisza, Tamás Bósz, Virág Belényesi 

Dramaturge: Péter Horváth 

Designer: Gábor Michac

Music: Bánk Sáry

Choreographer: Zsófia Nemes

Musical leader: Gábor Kecskeméti

Directed by: Ágnes Kuthy