7 to 10

Zoltán Kodály – Zsolt Harsányi – Béla Paulini

Let’s Play John Háry!

Let us play along with opera singers and puppeteers! You can join in and sing together with the artists on stage, while John Háry, the valiant hussar recruits his army against Napoleon from the bravest members of the audience…As we accompany the protagonist in his incredible adventures, Zoltán Kodály’s immortal opera comes to life on Kolibri Theatre’s stage with your participation!

Duration: 110 minutes, one interval

Puppet artists:
Ágnes Török
Károly Szívós

Jonh Háry: Antal Cseh /Csaba Szegedi 
Örzse:  Lúcia Megyesi Schwartz
Uncle Marci: Géza Gábor 

The script of Zsolt  Harsányi and Béla Paulini was adapted to stage by: Péter Fábri
Designer: Orosz Klaudia
Musical leader: Péter Oberfrank
Contributes on dulcimer: Gergely Oláh /Éva Sóvágó
Assistant of the production: Csilla Horváth
Directed by: János Novák