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Pál Békés

The Mellow Submarine

“Here, only seaweed grows; there are no flowers; this is the water world!”  But sparrows under water?! In Pál Békés’s gripping tale we get to know King Alga VII, ruler of the green algae, declares war against the inhabitants of the sea. Yet, on their mellow submarine, sparrows arrive to help those in need. Together with the children, who actively participate in unfolding of the plot, they manage to rescue all of the underwater creatures.

Duration: 60 minutes


Performed by:
Ágnes Török
Károly Szívós
Musician: Miklós Bellák

Scenery, costume: Ágnes Török
Music: Mari Nyeső
Assistant of the production: Csilla Horváth
Directed by: Károly Szívós