Small Size Days 2023 // Kolibri Theatre

2023. 01. 26.

On the last weekend of January, 100 members of the international Small Size Network from all over the world will be offering art experiences for children aged 0–6 and their accompanying adults. Small Size Days reminds us that art is meaningful and necessary for us people from a young age.

Small Size Days returns for a ninth edition filled with activities to celebrate arts and Early Years. Taking place in 2023 from January 27th to 29th, this year the event returns to a large in person offer of performances, workshops, and other activities for children from 0 to 6.

With 100 Small Size members in 38 countries, from Argentina to Slovenia, from Singapore to Turkey, Small Size Days bring the very youngest children and their families, carers and stakeholders together to recognise that the arts are significant and valued in our lives, from birth onwards. All activities will be organised and presented simultaneously, thus creating a huge, shared, and unique World Event for youngest children.

For Small Size Days 2023, Kolibri Theatre presents:

Kippkopp and Tipptopp on January 27th at 10.30am and on 29th at 9.30am and 11.00am:

The play invites children aged 3-6 years to follow the magical-musical adventures of the two popular chestnut figures of well-known Hungarian children’s book author and illustrator Veronika Marék.

This year the organizers of the event asked professionals belonging to the Small Size membership to tell children why they like to create performing arts for early years, and send a wish to the stars, “Ad astra”. Since the interviews are addressed to young children, they are in the native language of the person who is talking.
Here we have the video from the actors of Kolibri Theatre: Rita Alexics, Zoltán Bodnár, Dániel Fehér, Melinda Megyes, Dániel Nizsai, Károly Szívós and Bea Tisza.


Small Size Days is an event initiated by Small size Network. Founded as an Artistic International Association in 2007 with the aim to widen the performing arts for early years (0-6 years), the Network promotes training, documentation, artistic events and partnership programs, and can be joined by public and private organisations, as well as individuals, from any country in the world. Since March 2013, the Network is a member of ASSITEJ International.

You can follow the programs of Small Size Days 2023 at: