Just Launched our New Co-Production „Short Circuit”!

2017. 03. 09.

In collaboration with the VAT Teater of Tallinn, we’ve started the rehearsals of our new youth production Short Circuit directed by György Vidovszky.

In the 3rd year of the Platform Shift + international cooperation, the partner theatres are to create co-productions based on newly developed plays, allowing for Kolibri Theatre in Budapest to work on a collaborative project with the Estonian VAT Teater. Short Circuit – like Vidovszky’s earlier plays: Cyber Cyrano made within the Platform 11 + network and Duplicity (Double Game), Kolibri Theatre’s 2016 national production created within Platform Shift + – also depicts the world of the internet and our place in it but in a new light.

In the virtual reality of the digital age our entire life is online. The play explores the question how all those data that we provide about ourselves day by day might be used – potentially, against us. We have become one with the information that appears about us on social media and other sites – but are we aware of the possible consequences of this boundless opening-up?

The play invites us to take a look at the mission of the Cookie Academy’s best students, the Smart Commando. Their task is to follow secretly a family whose members are online nearly all day. However, the son, Erik goes online in a very unusual way…

Based on an idea by György Vidovszky, Péter Horváth and Kristiina Jalasto the script was written by Attila Eck. The set, costume and puppet designer is Inga Vares, the puppets are made by Ákos Mátravölgyi. The digital designer is Tamás Zádor, the choreographer is Eszter Gyevi-Bíró, the music is composed by András Monori. The director’s assistant is Andrea Hajsz, and the production is directed by György Vidovszky.

The performers include Gábor Krausz, Gergő Bárdi, Rita Alexics, Dániel Nizsai, Gergely Blahó (as guest) and Dániel Fehér.

The play is suited for 12+ year-olds, performed in Hungarian with English voiceover.

Short Circuit will premiere on May 12th in the Kolibri Theatre.






Photos by Marcell Bottyán