Hello, Nazi!

An average fight requires two participants: a perpetrator and a victim. Where else could they get to know each other better than in the depths of a prison cell, under the surveillance of policemen who are there to protect and serve. Of course, the situation is a little more complicated if the perpetrator is a neo-Nazi, and the victim is a black worker… The front lines become blurry; and only the police’s outlines remain clear-cut.

Duration: 70 minutes


Performed by:

Rudi: Dániel Nizsai
Jan: Dániel Fehér
Erich: Gábor Krausz 

Translated by, dramaturge: Kristóf Kovács 
Costume: Klaudia Orosz
Playing field: József Tóth
Assistant of the production: Andrea Hajsz 
Directed by: József Tóth