14 to 18

Classroom monodrama for young audiences

Crime and punishment

Based on Dostoyevsky’s same-titled novel, the classroom monodrama for young audiences features a single protagonist, Ráspoly, who can be correlated with the character of Raskolnikov. At the age of 19, he is sentenced to ten years in jail for double murder, but since he makes good progress, after eight years he is released on probation, provided that he volunteers to give prevention lectures at high schools talking about crime, guilt and the hardships of imprisonment with the students. The space is metaphorical, suggesting that even for for those who live in society freedom is just an illusion, as we are all locked in our own prisons.

Duration: cc. 90 minutes

Performed by:

Gergely Kolnai Kovács g. a.

Assistant of the production – Eszter Gyevi-Bíró, Attila Eck
Directed by – Balázs Czukor  g. a.