6 to 10

Margit Auer

School of Magical Animals

How would it feel if you had an animal of your own? Someone who can understand you, who never leaves you alone, and who you can talk to… In the play reality mingles with the children’s imagination. Adults cannot hear the magical animals talk; for the outsiders they are only stuffed toys. But for children these unexpectedly appearing creatures are real helpers who ease their troubles at school, and cause funny situations and exciting moments. The plot is woven around a mystery which the children and their magical animals have to solve together, and through their adventures we gradually get to know both the kids and the teachers, their motives, fears, pranks and plans. The forming and developing of the characters is significantly due to the magical creatures and the strange situations they create…


Miss Cornfield, teacher – Melinda Megyes 
Herr Siegmann, head of school, p. e. teacher –  József Tóth
Mortimer Morrison, vendor in the pet shop – László Gazdag 
The father of  Benni – Károly  Szívós 
The mother of Benni –  Ági Török
Auntie Ida – Juli  Erdei 

Magical animals 

Juri, emperor penguin – Gábor Krausz 
Tanager, magpie – Juli Erdei 
Ashanti, black mamba –  Kármen Rácz
Leonardo, striped squirrel – Edit Nyakas 
Rabbat, fox – Károly  Szívós 
Henrietta, turtle –  Ági Török
Pepperoni, pig – Dóra Varga


Ida (ambitious) –  Rita Alexics
Johnny (nice and bad) – Gergő Bárdi 
Benni (star-gazer) – Dániel Nizsai 
Helén, (affecting) – Mária Kőszegi 
Anna-Léna (shy) – Edit Nyakas 
Finja (mocking) – Kármen Rácz 
Eddie, the Chocolate – Gábor Krausz 
PROFESSOR Max, Sibel, Hatice, girl with nice eyes, Silas, the boy with the bike – students of  KIMI-Kolibri: Gábor Csörögi, Brigitta Hermann, Gabriella Hoffmann, Áron Mátyási, Zita Nagy, Dóra Varga

Musicians: Gábor Kecskeméti, Szilveszter Bornai, Tamás Tóth, András Kaboldy, Zsolt Derzsi

Based on the trasnlation of Lídia Nádori adapted to stage by: Péter Horváth 
Songs and music: János Novák 
Lyrics: Péter Horváth 
Designer: Klaudia Orosz 
Leading musician: Gábor Kecskeméti 
Scenic: István Farkas 
Assistant of the production: Andrea Hajsz 

Directed by: János Novák