Watergate – the riddle of the time-crypts

This interactive theatrical game aims to model the possible future effects of global climate change.  The story frame is placed in the imaginary future when drinking water sources have been drastically reduced. The spectators of the performance are all part of a very important mission: in undertaking a variety of tasks and challenges they are to help the protagonist to avoid global water scarcity and to obtain drinking water for their community. Can the individual’s interest override the interest of the community; or is it just another form of exploitation that has led to the climate catastrophe? The play offers a lot of issues to reflect on!

In the framework of PlayOn! – funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union

Duration: ca. 90 minutes



Performed by: Gábor Krausz, Bálint Keszte, Balázs Fekete / Attila Eck

Written by: Attila Eck

Set and costume designer: Patrícia Pajor

Interactive game elements: Csaba Királyházi

Game development consultant: Rachel Briscoe (UK)

Pedagogical expert: Eszter Gyevi-Bíró

Sound Design: András Monori

Video: Kinga Albert

Directed by: György Vidovszky