Based on the idea of György Vidovszky, Péter Horváth and Kristiina Jalasto, written by Attila Eck

Short Circuit

Have you ever thought about why your mobile phone is so smart, up-to-date and considerate? It remembers all your moves, offers you pages that you will certainly like and tries to find out even your most secret thoughts. But what, or who is behind the screen? Thanks to a special device, we can now peep behind the firewall, where the Cookie Academy’s best students, the Smart Commando, are ready to launch their first mission. Their task is to observe secretly the Faludy family whose members are online nearly all day. What’s more, the 12-year-old boy, Erik goes online in a very unusual way…

The performance was made in the framework of the Platform Shift+ international project, in co-production with the VAT Teater of Tallinn.

Connected to the performance, an educational discussion within our theatre-in-education program can be requested in coordination with the box office management.

FOCUS: Social media sites are the most commonly used communication platforms for teenagers today. To what extent do you identify with your online profile? What kind of new ethical codex do you have to learn in your online existence? We provide a mass of data about ourselves which we can never delete or make disappear from the internet – but are we aware of the possible consequences?


Duration: cc. 85 minutes

Performed by: Rita Alexics, Gergő Bárdi, Gergely Blahó, Dániel Nizsai, Dániel Fehér, Gábor Krausz

Scenery, costume, puppet: Inga Vares

Creator of the puppets: Ákos Mátravölgyi

Digital design: Tamás Zádor

Music: András Monori

Choreographer: Eszter Gyevi-Bíró

Directed by: György Vidovszky