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Tor Age Bringsvaerd - Péter Horváth - János Novák

Ruffen, the Small Sea Monster

Ruffen, the little sea monster believes himself to be a cowardly, naughty child. In truth, however, he is brave, strong and kind-hearted. He overcomes his fear from water; he helps the octopus in pyjamas; and he even learns to swim! Then, he saves a ship in a huge storm; chases off pirates; and falls in love with a Japanese dragon girl who wears glasses and braces. Finally, by the shores of Landia, he reunites with his parents whom he thought he had lost forever.

Duration: 110 minutes, one break


Performed by:
Ruffen, the little sea monster: Szabolcs Ruszina 
Yokomoto, the Japenese dragongirl: Alexics Rita
Emil, the father of Locspocs, 872 octopus, Pelikán psotman, Secretary, Councillor: Károly Szívós
Jenny, the mother of Locspocs, Ilma, the friend of Hilda, Hansen: Juli Erdei
Hilda, the grandmother of Locspocs nagymamája, Kiskampó, pirate: Ágnes Török
Uncle Ludvig , teacher, Alvarez, captain of the pirates: István Mult
Lady Mayor, Councillor, Vilma, the friend of Hilda: Bea Tisza
Andersen, litte monster, pirates: Gábor Krausz
Amudsen, litte monster, pirates: Kornélia Soós
Bringsvaerd, little monster: Kriszta Rácz
Heyerdhal, little monster: Kármen Rácz 

Written by: Tor Age Bringsvaerd
Translated by: Katalin Kozák
Dramaturge: Péter Fábri

Scenery, costume, puppet: Klaudia Orosz
Choreographer: Oszkár Rotter
Music: János Novák
Musicians: Gergely Oláh/Géza Oláh, Gábor Kecskeméti
Assistant of the production: Andrea Hajsz
Directed by: János Novák