Katalin Győri


The status of Gyuri Lakos on Facebook is Delete. It was posted on the 24th of December. And he even got two likes… I think it started with Gyuri. Our adulthood.

The play is about a teenager who commits suicide seemingly for no good reason. To the amazement of his class mates, Gyuri Lakatos, an introverted and secretive boy starts to behave oddly: his occasional outbreaks of brutality are followed by periods of gentle silence – while the boy gets deeper and deeper into trouble. Of course, nobody knows what is going on at Gyuri’s home, because he does not talk about it. Caught up in an internal struggle, he fights a silent, one-man war against the demons of his family.

Duration: 60 minutes

Created within the framework of Platform 11+  European project.

Performed by:
Lakos: Gergő Bárdi
Dóri: Réka Császár
Ancsa: Mária Kőszegi
Boti: Péter Ágoston
Csabesz: Dániel  Nizsai 

Dramaturge: István Tasnádi
Music: András Monori
Costume, choreography: Eszter Gyevi-Bíró 
Scenery: Patrick Bullock
Assistant of the production: Andrea Hajsz 
Directed by: György Vidovszky