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Music and play based on the poems of Sándor Weöres


Bóbita lost her poem and would like to get back to her home. If you are going to be a clever butterfly, a mushroom and a small fish, you can help her to find her way.

The play is based on the poems of Sándor Weöres, one of most important lyric poets in 20th-century Hungarian literature.

Created in the framework of Small Size Performing Arts for Early Years – founded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

Duration: 45 minutes

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Performed by:
Ági Török
Károly Szívós 

Contributes on cello: János Novák
Dramaturge: Péter Horváth
Music: János Novák
Scenery, costume, puppet designer: Ági Török
Assistant of the production: Csilla Horváth 
Directed by: Károly Szívós