Zoltán Szűcs


„Once, someone humiliated me. Sometimes, when I’m alone in a difficult situation, that someone appears in my life – only in my thoughts. Then I talk to him – talking to myself. In my imagination I’m taking revenge, confronting him with his mistakes. I calm down for a while, but then it comes back. I once read that someone become a drug addict if he/she has suffered some bad experience, and cannot live with it. And they start to take something because it helps them to forget. I think I’m pretty much doing the same, just not with a drug, but in my mind.”

The performance is a coproduction of Kolibri Theater and K.V. Company.

Supported by: Ministry of Human Capacities, Jurányi Production House

Performed by:
Gergő Bárdi
Fanni Burján
Gábor Krausz
Csilla Hajdú
Bence Ivák
Zsófia Boróka  Molnár
Árpád Némedi
Zsuzsanna Száger
Krisztina Urbanovits 

Written by: Szűcs Zoltán

Scenery: Nóra Surányi

Assistant of the production: Krisztina Lippai
Színházpedagógiai konzulens: Viktória Végvári
Rendező: Balázs Czukor