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Anders Duus

Bonnie and Clyde

Two lonely children. One of them is brought up with tender care in a good family, while the other is brought up by her mother all alone. Is this the story of Romeo and Juliet? Or perhaps that of Bonnie and Clyde? This is a story about two children from very different backgrounds who find each other.

Duration: 70 minutes


Performed by:
Dani: Tamás Mészáros 
Boni: Melinda Megyes 
Anikó, mother of Dani: Juli Erdei 
Zsanett, mother of Boni:  Bea Tisza 

Író: Anders Duus
Fordító: László Kúnos 
Dramaturge: Kristóf Kovács 
Scenery, costume: Mats Persson
Assistant of the production: Veronika Vajdai 
Directed by: Judit Benedek